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Animaland – Ingunn Dybendal 5th-27th June

Ingunn Dybendal 

Occupation: illustratør

From: Norway

About Me: My name is Ingunn and I am studying illustration at University College Falmouth in Cornwall. Basically I love drawing. Thats what I do. I also love watching UFO videos on youtube.

Ingunn won last years Artade drawing competition and with it a chance to show her work in the gallery.

Favourite Films: Shortbuss, Lost Highway, Blade Runner, Burn After Reading, High Fidelity, Alien, Pulp Fiction, Lost in Translation… lots of films

Favourite Music: Hiphop, electro, funk

Favourite Books: Anything by Erlend Loe.

See more of Ingunn’s work at



Artade Collective 1st-26th May

Artade was founded a few years ago basing its creative output in Cornwall. In the past the collective has transformed bars and public spaces to show work, as well as gallery shows which have included Demelza’s Gallery, The Soup Gallery and the Artade Inkjam 2009 competition held at Babahogs gallery. Now with what is to be the third gallery show, the here and now gallery support Artades to date, most collective exhibition. The idea behind this show is to demonstrate how all the artist’s work can combine together to take on a space allowing lines and marks to travel from one canvass to the next. The aim is to allow for the canvasses to become more like walls and less like objects so that a fluid organic movement across the whole gallery space can be achieved. We have 14 artists working on these canvasses: Ben Sanderson, Victoria Wright, Louise Lane, Ingun Dybendal, Jorund Hannevold, LouisLlou.I, David Procter, Vera Edwards, Jez Beswick, D-baby, Nichole Cooper, Insane, Rebecca Crawford and Thor Aaberg. This is an exciting collection of very fresh work that has never been displayed as of yet, showcasing some of the most upcoming under counter, sub culture artists in Cornwall. This show is something not to miss out on.

Private view 1st May 5-8pm


Cover it up… an illustration show by Dave Bain

In the gallery from 31st March – 25th April


An exhibition of book covers, designed and created by Bristol illustrator Dave Bain.  Selecting absolute classics and some downright good reads, Dave Bain has put pen to paper, brush to paint and pencil behind ear to produce a rather ripping collection of book covers.  This very personal interpretation of well-known stories is sure to bring delight and surprise in this rare solo show.


All artwork is for sale.


Dave Bain graduated from Falmouth College of Arts with a BA degree in Illustration (2006) and currently resides in Bristol.  He works in a number of ways, from a naive painting style to mixed media techniques.  His work is highly commended by the Macmillan Children’s Prize and as well as being selected for various illustration annuals, his pictures are also used as examples in the book, ‘Illustration – A Theoretical & Contextual Perspective’ written by Alan Male (AVA Academia – 2007).   Clients he has illustrated for include Nokia, the NSPCC, Shirted Ape, Advice To Sink In Slowly and Harcourt Press.



Would You Rather……?





Coming to the Gallery in March we have not one but two talented local illustrators, Anna Lewis and Laura Smith. Both have very different styles but are equally obsessed with drawing, together they will be showcasing work that will complement each other and provide inspiration for many others.


Anna graduated with a Graphic Design Photography degree in 2000 and has since worked in various creative commercial roles as well as teaching. However it is through her personal illustration work that she finds the most fulfilment as it gives her the freedom to speak from the heart.

Anna says “I am obsessed with making pictures. It is a way of communicating the happy and the sad, the mad and the magical things of life in a raw and honest way. I like to catch and record small and abstract moments of life onto the page, using a mixture of mediums, and make them into something beautiful and more than they may have otherwise been.”

See more of Anna at


Laura graduated from Glasgow School, of Art in 2006 and has since exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions, most often with large video and sound installations concerned with the spaces between illusion and reality, fact and fiction.

This work is encouraged by a primary affection for storytelling, which is used to create work that is not located wholly in reality but exists in a seemingly fictional sphere; narrative is the key and is fostered greatly by mythology and community histories.

Laura says “I have always used drawing as a tool, often this relegates it to the realm of research, however I have always felt this to be unfair and have sought to utilise my drawings autonomously in a manner which enables them to act out all of the above.

My drawings are chiefly concerned with themes of community and control as well as wider issues of the female and her role within this community. These somewhat abrasive notions are, I hope, soothed by the lyrical approach of the drawing.”


Paintings by Lucy Apple – February 2009

Grandma for tea and cake

The next exhibition we have lined up in the gallery for February, which will feature paintings from local artist Lucy Apple. The exhibition will run from 2nd – 28th February and there will be a private view on Friday 6th from 6 – 8pm to which you are all invited. I hope I will see you there if you can make it. Here is a little bit about Lucy… Lucy is a unique artist who can escape through painting, exploring and pushing the boundaries between a disabled world and the able-bodied world. She graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art, London with a Masters in Fine Art (MFA). Previously she achieved a BA at Falmouth College of Art. ‘I use humour as my inspiration to produce large-scale, brightly coloured figurative paintings in acrylic. I want my work to dominate me. I have a physical disability – Cerebral Palsy. This affects my speech and hand co-ordination. My awkward hand movements work to my advantage when I paint. This helps me to express all my frustration and it brings spontaneity to the paintings. Without being able to verbally communicate with strangers easily at first, my work acts like a visual voice. I want to break down barriers between disabled and able-bodied people. For me, I don’t want any barriers in my way’. Also with Valentine’s day just around the corner if you would like to get something for the someone special in your life come and check out our artists range of cards and prints, all under a tenner (and much better than the usual slush!).

Something to look forward to….this years exhibitions

2009 Exhibitions at Here and Now, Falmouth.

5th-31st January – David Procter illustrations

2nd-28th February – Lucy Apple portraits

2nd-28th March – Laura Smith & Anna Lewis – illustration

30th March-25th April – Dave Bain –

4th-30th May – Artade Collective

1st-27th June – Ingunn Dybendal – Artade comp. winner.

6th-July- 1st August – Lucy Gough illustration and installation

3rd– 29th August – Marc Messenger – collage, illustration

31st August- 27th September – Nigel Peake illustration

5th-31st October – Juan Moore & Yee Ting Kuit

2nd-28th November – Mark Pawson

David Procter – illustrations 6th-31st Jan 2009

the cow jumps over the moon

From  the 6th until 31st January we will be showing work by freelance illustrator David Procter at the Here and Now Gallery, 41a Killigrew Street Falmouth.

If you didn’t get everything you wished for from Santa maybe now is your chance to treat yourself to something special.

A recent graduate from North Wales School of Art and Design in Illustration David recently moved to Falmouth to enjoy life by the sea for a while following the gloom of living in North Wales.  “With my work I try to approach ideas so that they reflect my strong interest in things that stray a little from the ‘norm.’  The result is a series of bizarre and extremely eccentric characters and darker, but melancholic, environments.  My work encompasses a sense of humour, albeit a grim one, that I feel is needed to keep spirits high in drab times.  Drawing on a range of different themes I have managed to create a collection of work that explores a wide variety of topics while still expressing my own personal stamp”.

The gallery is open from 10am -5pm tuesday – saturday.
Tel 01326 211505 or email info@heregallery for further details