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The Joyful Bewilderment 12th Dec-21st Feb

December 1, 2009

Curated by The Outcrowd Collective (Simon Peplow, Lawrence Roper, Marcus Oakley, Holly Wales), The Joyful Bewilderment is an international group exhibition showcasing the outpourings of over 100 like-minded image-makers, including:
Ben Newman, Christopher Bettig, Cornelia O’Donovan, French, Holly Stevenson, James Jarvis, Josh Petherick, Lucy Mclauchlan, Marcus Oakley, Matthew Feyld, Mike Perry, Nigel Peake, Rob Ryan, Ryan Jacob Smith, Steven Harrington, Stuart Kolakovic, Simon Peplow, Supermundane…

This exhibition can be seen as an expression of the Artists compulsion to create. Fundamentally, the artists in the show all share an essential motivation – to explore the possibilities of enhancing everyday life by making magic from the mundane.

The works on show utilize modest and direct means, including works in pencil, paint and ink, along with photographic works that celebrate everyday happenstances. All express what could be termed a ‘hope-tinged anxiety’. As such, in various ways these works offer
a subconscious social commentary on the uncertainty of the times we are all living in.

Specifically, what comes to the fore are common concerns and a positive interest with dipping into the past and championing seemingly long-forgotten notions such a thriftiness and a delight in the ordinary everyday detritus of life – in order to counteract the context of a world today brimming with unwanted junk and jumble that has been manufactured for the transitory ‘now’.

‘The Joyful Bewilderment’ aspires to disperse a positive message out into the ether, thus helping us to momentarily curtail our fears and unrest with the contemporary vortex we inhabit.

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